Jin Woo Kim


(2018, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

Grew up in Orange County, California. Loves to shoot a bow and arrows, and was a member of the 2014 US Archery Team/USA Junior Dream Team. Aiming for medical school. Involvements on campus include Camp Kesem at MIT, Phi Beta Epsilon fraternity, Red Cross, and MIT Archery Club. Favorite ice cream? Toscanini's Earl Grey.

Haeyoon Chung

Vice President

(2018, Bioengineering)

yum... coffee <3

Ji Seok Kim


(2019, Physics & Computer Science)

I'm a badass break dancer. I almost walked into a bison this summer without realizing it. I discovered a star. A lover of states' rights and a proud patriot, I want to own a Cracker Barrel in the South someday. Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the U.S.A." is my theme song.

Jenna Hong


(2019, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Computer Science)

Born and raised in New England! I love dad jokes, I love funny videos, I love fruity ice cream. Sitting in the bow of a boat makes me happy.

Kyubin Lee

Community Service Chair

(2019, Mechanical Engineering)

Tiffany Min

Social Chair

(2018, Electrical Engineering and Computer Scince)

I really like ddukbokki. I am single.

Slava Kim


(2019, Computer Science)

I am a Kazakhstani Korean and I am taking Korean classes at MIT.

Yuree Kim

Publicity Chair

(2019, Mechanical Engineering)

Helen Bang

Membership Chair

(2019, Computer Science)

Julia Lee

Athletic Chair

(2019, Computer Science)

Ashley Lee

Culture Chair

(2019, Computer Science and Molecular Biology)

Caitlyn Oak

Social Chair

(2018, Brain and Cognitive Sciences)

I love listening to music and attempting to sing! I like playing basketball and sometimes golf. My all-time favorite TV show is Friends (watched the entire series at least 3 times)!

Wonjune Kang

Freshman Representative

(2020, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

I hate (love) bad puns. I play varsity squash, but love sports in general. You'll probably hear me (try to) sing along when there's a Coldplay song playing.

Seri Choi

Freshman Representative

(2020, Computer Science)

I've been playing the violin for about 12 years. I enjoy dancing and wanted to try it, so I joined DT this semester!

Chiho Im

Freshman Representative

(2020, Computer Science)

I slay ‘em with my melodious voice of a baritone/bass. I was born and raised in Korea but went to school in the States for 8 years. Would love to own a winery in the future.

John Kim

Freshman Representative

(2020, Mechanical Engineering / Computer Science)

I'm a classical pianist/cellist who loves to DJ! Also a snowboard maniac.. Do I eat to live, or live to eat? Gimme food and you'll find out.

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